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Sarah Palin Chose Canadian “Socialist” Health Care System Over American System

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I’m not surprised at this news (emphasis mine):

Former Alaska Gov. Sarah Palin — who has gone to great lengths to hype the supposed dangers of a big government takeover of American health care — admitted over the weekend that she used to get her treatment in Canada’s [developing] single-payer system.

After fear-mongering about the health insurance legislation in 2009, going so far as to lie that the government would have “death panels”, it finally comes to light that Sarah Palin used the Canadian health care system instead of the American system available to her in Alaska.  The 1960’s version of Canada’s health care system wasn’t the same as it is today – a single payer system – but it was on the path toward today’s system.  It wasn’t the American system; it wasn’t the mythological “free-market” system that Palin today worships so fervently.

What a patriot an opportunist.


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