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Middle-Aged White Terrorist In Austin

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Betcha’ missed that headline, didn’t you?  Why is it we have such a hard time in this country pointing out that terrorists are just that – terrorists?  The problem is, the corporate media has solidified in our minds that terrorists can only be brown-skinned and non-Christian.  A middle-aged white guy from Austin?  There’s no way he could be a terrorist, is there?  Yes, yes there is.

Joseph Stack can be identified as a typical anti-tax extremist who committed an act of terrorism against the U.S.

You know what else you’re not hearing?  The right-wing screaming that his friends and family should be tortured for whatever information they have so that we can make sure none of them are planning similar terrorist acts against our country.  What about all the other anti-tax extremists?  According to the so-called terrorist-haters’ ridiculous sense of logic, they should all be tortured too, shouldn’t they?

The right-wing has committed crimes against this country.  The fact that they’re not being called out for it every day is an indication of how far to the right this country has been pushed.


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