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New U.S. Climate Service

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In a much-needed step in the 21st century, the Obama administration announced earlier this week that the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration (NOAA) has a new climate service.  It’s modeled after the National Weather Service.  The difference will be the kinds and lengths of forecasts issued to different kinds of consumers and the relationships the Climate Service will develop with those consumers.

The Climate Service has its own web portal:

Among other things this new service must learn to do quickly is disseminate information to a woefully under-educated public regarding the current state of climate science.  Indeed, the service faces massive headwinds that are coming from some of the richest and largest corporations the world has ever seen, who have an interest (immoral as it may be) in bashing real science in pursuit of their record profits.

Take a trip over to the new site.  They’ve got easy-to-read snapshots of climate components like temperature, carbon dioxide, arctic sea ice and more.  They’ve got articles, images, and access to data and services.  Which takes me to a point I want to make.  Most climate change deniers complain that data records aren’t accessible, which as you can plainly see, isn’t true.  The public pays for the data through taxes (investments) and thus access to the data is wide open to that public.


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