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Want More Proof Bipartisanship Can’t Happen, Dems?

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Democrats need to crack open some dictionaries and look up definitions for partisanship and bipartisanship. They then need to get in front of every camera and reporter they can find, day after day, and demand the Republicans learn the definitions as well.

From an MSNBC article:

In the first major move to jump-start his health care agenda after his party’s loss of a filibuster-proof Senate majority, Obama on Sunday invited GOP and Democratic leaders to discuss possible compromises in a half-day, televised gathering on Feb. 25.

It comes amid widespread complaints that Democrats’ efforts so far have been too partisan and secretive.

Do you see, Sens. Bennet and Udall, what happens when you extend your hands, your fig leaves, your whatevers, over and over and over to Republicans? Do you see how your efforts to be bipartisan, because you’re afraid of being called partisan, are responded? Do you fully understand the folly of spending months chasing down just one Republican Senator, supposedly the most “moderate” of that corrupt, ideologically driven party?

You get that bipartisanship pushed back in your face. You get called partisan, no matter what you do. You don’t get that one magical, imaginary moderate Republican to ever show up and vote with you.

No matter what you do to get the cowardly Republicans to the discussion table, they will not reciprocate. They will continue to spit in your face and stab you in your back and still call you names in the press in D.C. and back home.

Senators, you were supposedly elected and appointed to office to actually get things done for Coloradans; to look out for our interests.

Sending out press releases proclaiming how super-bipartisanshipy you are while President Obama’s chief domestic policy languishes and you stay silent isn’t acting for Coloradans and their interests.

Sen. Bennet – you will lose your election bid this year if you remain silent. I don’t particularly care one way or the other if Romanoff beats you or if Norton beats you. Your silence will earn you your well-deserved beating sometime this year. All the corporate money in the world won’t convince the rank-and-file Democrats and ever-wishy-washy Unaffiliateds to vote for you in sufficient numbers to keep your pandering butt in that seat.  We the people don’t need more proof that bipartisanship can’t and won’t happen with this generation of extremists in the Republican Party.  We can’t afford Senators that seem to need endless amounts of proof, either.

Fight for us, Senators, or we will fight against you as hard as we fight against the Cons.

Cross-posted at SquareState.


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