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Clean Energy Newsmakers: Carlos Ghosn, electric vehicles, Better Place

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Nissan’s CEO Carlos Ghosn understands the risks that future oil prices and climate change will have on transportation and responds by pushing electric vehicles.  He’s a visionary that has feet solidly on the ground.

As 2010 auto shows move around the country, the hottest vehicles are the cleanest vehicles: hybrids and electrics are garnering plenty of attention and praise.  They are only beginning their path into the U.S. auto market, but will soon dominate it, I think.

One thing Republicans aren’t prepared to handle: business leaders asking Congress for prompt, decisive climate action.  More and more leaders are realizing how serious climate change is and want to get in front of it, not be run over by it.  Aspen Skiing Co. was one of 83 U.S. corporate leaders who say the U.S. is “falling behind” on clean-energy development.  Is it too little, too late, though?

I’ve followed the story of Better Place for a while now.  Here’s a strong video about investors on electric vehicles and opportunities opening up for Better Place around the world.  Better Place CEO Shai Agassi was on CNBC recently discussing what they’ve achieved in a short period of time.  Later this year, Israel is scheduled to become the first place where widespread implementation of the Better Place business model takes form.  Other locations will follow.


One thought on “Clean Energy Newsmakers: Carlos Ghosn, electric vehicles, Better Place

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