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Another Con Representative Is Retiring – 2010 To Be A Disaster For Republicans?

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Arizona Rep. John Shadegg (R) is voluntarily retiring this year.  That brings the total number of retiring Republicans to 14!  How will the Republican Party win back a majority in the 2010 elections if 14 of them have to be replaced already?

That’s what the corporate media stenographers would say if ‘Republican’ were replaced with ‘Democrat’ in the story.  More Cons are retiring than Democrats so far in 2010.  Yet the corporate stenographers keep talking about how tough it will be for Democrats to hold on to their 39-seat majority.

To heck with that!  The Cons have more seats to defend and more seats to take away to even attain a majority, and they aren’t even fundraising at the pace the Democrats are.  Put the ever-angry tea-baggers in the mix (who will demand nothing less than the craziest of the crazy Cons) and 2010 will be a disaster for Republicans.


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