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GOP & EPA, “Bipartisanship”

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Because the EPA has done nothing for Americans, the GOP wants to prevent the creation of an independent Consumer Financial Protection Agency.  After a decade of GOP-led deregulation that brought about the worst recession since the Great Depression, these clowns want to prevent an independent agency from having authority over consumer-centric rules.  They’d rather have something over the agency which can throw out its recommendations, saying the CFPA would ignore business interests to the exclusion of consumer interests.  But a body already exists that pushes business interests to the exclusion of consumer interests: the Republi-Con party and their CorporateDem allies.  Consumers need a voice!

Another corporate media article laments the loss of bipartisanship in Congress.  It perpetuates the myth that Democrats and the Cons are equally at fault for the increase in partisanship in the last generation, yet cites only examples of the Cons not working in good faith.  When one party continually reaches out (stupidly, in my opinion) to work with the other and continually gets stabbed in the back for doing so, the back stabbers shouldn’t be commended.  The Cons have deliberately and increasingly purged their party of non-extremists, all the while screaming about the “radicals” on the left.  A majority of Americans agree with Democratic positions on nearly every policy topic.  Instead of offering to work with the Con extremists, Democrats should implement those policies as Americans want them to.


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