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ACORN Funding Cut Unconstitutional

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Democrats had better take notice: jumping on board with every asinine conspiracy theory the Cons come up with isn’t a good idea.  In this case, a U.S. Federal Court has issued a preliminary injuction that the funding ban imposed on ACORN was a “bill of attainder” – a legislative determination of guilt without holding a trial, because it specifically sought to punish one group.

Democrats went along with too many of these kinds of witch hunts when the Cons were “in control” of the Congress.  To have seen them go skipping along to the Cons’ tune while they hold decisive majorities in both chambers was embarrassing and, quite frankly, pathetic.  Being in the majority doesn’t mean jumping when the minority party says jump, especially when the minority party pulls something as silly as the doctored tapes showing what they want ACORN to be about instead of what really happened.

Double egg on the face of the Democrat/Jellyfish party.  Wise up, Democrats.  If you keep doing the wrong thing at every opportunity, your base will desert you.


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