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2009 Copenhagen Climate Summit: 12/7/09


This year’s climate summit is being held in Copenhagen, Denmark.  The summit is scheduled to last through the end of next week.  In the run-up to the conference, a large number of analyses and news tidbits have come out.  Since little will be decided in the first few days of the summit, I wanted to collect and share some of them.

Within the past couple of weeks, President Obama announced he was prepared to offer a goal of the United States reducing emissions to 17 percent below 2005 levels by 2020 and 83 percent (baseline?) by 2050.  It’s a target, which is frankly all I can say for it.  Given the state of the climate, the 2020 goal falls far short of what needs to happen.  In contrast, European nations who signed the Kyoto Protocol have already reduced their emissions by 8% of 1990 levels, which were obviously much lower than 2005 levels.  The stranglehold that climate change deniers have on U.S. policy has got to end.

The best summary of what to expect can be found at Climate Progress.

Copenhagen 101 at Grist – good summary.

The New York Times also has a summary – a little too much parroting of Con distraction talking points for me.

You can find Time’s summary here.

Saudi Arabia desperately searches for any reason to prevent any forward progress at the summit.  I hope I’m not the only one who sees parallels between the Saudi’s childish behavior and Con Senator’s childish behavior.  The Cons would love living in Saudi Arabia.  Saudi Arabia is the country which wants compensation for oil they won’t sell when the world switches to renewables (WTF?!).

Speaking of Hacker-gate, a crime was committed.  Is it any wonder the corporate stenographic media is concentrating on what the deniers want them to concentrate on?  I didn’t think so.  Hacking is a crime.  Scientists communicating with each other is not.


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