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How Declining Arctic Ice Volume Affects Northern Hemispheric Weather Patterns

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Evidence continues to emerge regarding the effects of declining ice volume and areal extent in the Arctic is affecting weather patterns across the Northern Hemisphere.  In a general sense, some kind of effects are of course to be expected.  But what kind, what are their magnitude, etc. need to be explored.  If it were up to the Cons, science would be defunded and we would have no idea what these emerging trends are.  This is the critical importance that science plays in our society.

I’m going to link to another diary and allow readers to explore the material there.  It’s decently written and links to science centers and refereed journals.  Here is the summary:

Today’s Arctic sea ice extent is hovering at the historic record low level for today’s date observed in 2007. Warm water entering the ice free zone from the Atlantic ocean is adding heat to the Arctic, changing the northern hemisphere atmospheric circulation pattern – the weather of the whole northern hemisphere. Even El Nino is different from what it used to be.



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