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Corporate-Dems Trying to Take Wrong Lesson From 2009 Elections

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The 2009 election is now behind us. The 2010 election is moving toward us quickly. What have I picked up from this year’s election results? That Democrats, especially those which I label CorporateDems, who run away from the Democratic base will lose, and deservedly so.

If CorporateDems want to chase down Con votes, I say go for it. The Cons won’t vote for them and there’s now proof that progressives won’t turn out to help them. Having a (D) after their name isn’t enough.

So when I read crap like this article, it reinforces that assessment.

Vulnerable House and Senate Democrats want their leaders to skip the party’s controversial legislative agenda for next year to help save their seats in Congress.

Say what?! The wishy-washy controversiality of the agenda doesn’t matter. They just want cover for their lack of vision and courage. I have no doubt that if the Democratic leadership backs off the agenda they were re-elected to implement, the Democratic base will stay home in 2010 and plenty of these “vulnerable” pols will be soundly defeated.

In the run-up to the 2010 midterm elections, they don’t want to be forced to vote on climate change, immigration reform and gays in the military, which they say should be set aside so Congress can focus on jobs and the economy. [Emphasis mine.]

My #1 issue is being threatened to be thrown under the bus to make sure a group of weak-kneed cowards can get re-elected next year. I have a question for them: when will they ever work on the most critical issue in our history? They’re never going to feel safe enough to actually get something done about climate change. So why should I or any other Progressive help them? They already got something out of us: hard work and votes to elect them. It’s time for them to do what they were elected to do: solidify and implement the people’s agenda. If they refuse to do that, they should be fired, not rehired.

So in response to their purposeful misreading of the 2009 election results, I challenge them to throw more wrenches in the works. Disable the agenda, CorporateDems. You’re the ones whose jobs will suffer. Especially people like Sen. Lincoln:

Lincoln said that lawmakers should focus on passing healthcare reform and wait until next year to effect financial regulatory reform and reduce unemployment.

“That’s an awful lot to bite off and chew for right now,” said Lincoln, who described herself as “not in a hurry” to tackle climate change, an issue she has some jurisdiction over as chairwoman of the Senate Agriculture Committee.

Lincoln is more interested in health insurance non-reform, so the rest of her cute talking point means nothing. But does Lincoln want to do something about the economy or doesn’t she? The economy will not recover if regulatory reform and unemployment reduction efforts are pushed off to next year, especially since you and I know she’ll want to put it off until 2011 so they’re not election-day issues.

She wants the perks of being in power without having to actually do her job. If Lincoln can’t walk and chew gum at the same time, I’m happy to help elect her replacement next year. Most importantly, the climate can’t wait for Lincoln or any other CorporateDem to finally get around to a second task. We can’t wait until Missouri gets 18F warmer and farms, even the largest Corporate versions, fail across the state. Something must be done now. If Lincoln won’t do it, someone else will.

Cross-posted at SquareState.

[Update 11/5/09]: Congressional Democrats met to discuss future directions yesterday.  I have a strong piece of advice for them: ask what the two Representatives who won their districts won on.  They won on health care and other topics that Obama won on.  The Governors of Virginia and New Jersey won’t make national policy in Congress.  They won on far more local issues – issues Congress shouldn’t be concerning themselves with.

A quote for Sen. Rockefeller:

“The question is, do people think we’re tending to the things they care about?” said Sen. John D. Rockefeller IV (D-W.Va.) as he left a meeting of Senate leaders. He said there was palpable concern among his colleagues Wednesday that the main agenda items Democrats are pursuing — health care and climate change — resonate very little with voters focused on finding or keeping jobs.

Sen. Rockefeller knows good and well that health care is inextricably linked to the economy.  To suggest otherwise indicates that he isn’t interested in reforming the status of health care in this country.  Moreover, Sen. Rockefeller had the opportunity last year and earlier this year to do something about the economy.  He voted to spend 1/3 of the stimulus money on tax breaks that he knew wouldn’t feed back into growing the economy.  He voted to bail out the largest banks in the country without demanding oversight of what they did with taxpayer money.  Sen. Rockefeller has to purposefully ignore the actual responses of voters in Virginia and New Jersey, a majority of whom stated that the President’s agenda had nothing to do with their vote for Governor, in order to push his b.s. talking point.  No, they’re not tending to things people care about, but they’re not tending to them in exactly the opposite manner in which Sen. Rockefeller implies .

It’s obvious that this Corporate-Dem is one of the ones listening to his corporate masters, and not the people of West Virginia.  This becomes even more obvious when he says the following:

“Don’t think people in my state are going to stand up and start cheering about Copenhagen,” Rockefeller said, referring to the European city that will host a summit on global warming next month. Critics of the climate-change legislation before Congress say it would be a job-killer in states dependent on manufacturing and natural resources.

The only ones that won’t be cheering in his state are the coal corporations who expect Sen. Rockefeller to keep regulations out of their industry while they destroy mountains and clean drinking water for West Virginians.  What do the citizens of his state think?  As is typical, you’d never know from his disingenuous quote.  Has anybody asked West Virginia what they think about the Copenhagen conference after they explain how climate change will alter their state?  When dengue fever, malaria, decades-long droughts and 16F warmer temperatures fall over the state, what will they think of the coal corporations and Copenhagen?  When China and Europe dominates the world market in renewable energy infrastructure; when they’re selling us all the goods and making the profits instead of the other way around, what will West Virginians think of Copenhagen then?

Sen. Rockefeller is another severely outdated politician who has accepted millions of dollars in bribes from corporations over the years in return for votes.  As a consequence, the people of West Virginia have had their lifestyles artificially held down.  They’ve had their state’s ecosystem march toward ruin.  This Corporate-Dem doesn’t deserve to be in the Senate any longer.

Some folks get it:

“It’s a matter of tangibles being delivered,” said Rep. Jan Schakowsky (D-Ill.), a close ally of House Speaker Nancy Pelosi (D-Calif.). “Victory breeds victory.”


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