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Yemen’s Drought – Crisis In the Making

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The country of Yemen is experiencing a drought, which has lasted long enough to be causing societal problems.  This isn’t terribly surprising, but neither is it covered by the American media very well.  What will happen as the drought continues and the country’s population continues to destabilize?  Al-Qaeda has already made significant inroads in the country, being just about the only group who has shown a willingness to do something for the people.

Yemen provides another good example of what we face as human forced climate change continues to take hold.  Fresh, clean water is the most important commodity we have at this early stage of the 21st century.  It will only become more so.  As water tables drop, farmers’ crops fail and drought conditions spread and worsen across the globe, additional crises will foment and erupt.

We can continue to allow ideologically-driven conspiracy-addicts to dumb down the discussion, or we can take a reality-based look around us and decide to act now while our world is relatively stable and solutions are easier and cheaper to come by.


One thought on “Yemen’s Drought – Crisis In the Making

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