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Good Thing Harsanyi Is An Op-Ed Columnist and Not a Journalist

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If there’s one thing the Cons have demonstrated perfectly for years, it’s that one doesn’t have to think to have an opinion. One should be able to think to form a news story, but this is too often not the case in today’s media world where entertainment corrupts journalism.

Some snippets of what has become standard drivel from Harsanyi:

Dunn went on to assert that when the president “goes on Fox, he understands he is not going on it as a news network at this point. He is going on it to debate the opposition.” Who knew debating the future of the nation was such a ghastly thought?

In this opinion piece, Harsanyi asks many questions that he should have asked of the Bush “administration” (they weren’t a legitimate administration any more than Fox is a legitimate news source). What about Bush’s policy of establishing invite-only events that were funded by taxpayers? Democrats, Unaffiliateds and Cons alike paid for these events, but only people who agreed not to debate Bush were invited. Bush definitely thought debate was ghastly. Crickets from the right-wingers’ bench.

Just like every other Con whining and gnashing about the obvious unfairness of the Obama administration labeling Fox as opinion-based, Harsanyi wastes plenty of pixels (ink, too) on how anyone could possibly think that the executive branch should be able to decide who’s legitimate and who’s not. Just like every other Con, Harsanyi tries to hide his hypocrisy from public view. Where was his concern when Bush did the exact same thing to MSNBC? More crickets.

Harsanyi does make sure to include the standard fare of right-wing ideologues: comparisons to Mao and Hitler do make the piece. This is what passes for rational thought and “debate” in right-wing circles these days. Let me point out the obvious for the thick-headed: you can’t debate people who are this irrational. Drawing comparisons of dictators and mass murderers to people in the Obama administration is evidence of how little critical thought is encouraged by the fanatical right.

Another choice quote:

In this case, it is precisely the legitimacy of the stories Fox News covers — rather than the bias of the station — that drives the administration to conflate news with opinion.

How wonderfully Through The Looking Glass of Harsanyi! The administration is conflating news with opinion, not Fox! Absurd conspiracy theories and promotion of race-baiting has passed for story legitimacy in right-wing land for years. Unfortunately, the rest of America doesn’t agree with that view. It’s why the Cons lost so many elections by such overwhelming margins in recent years. It’s why only 20% of Americans are willing to self-identify as Republicans today. Americans want issues debated honestly – and you can’t get that on Fox.

Look, Fox can do whatever it wants to do. It’s a private enterprise and they do have free speech rights, the same as everyone else. What they don’t have is the freedom from accountability. When Fox decides that they’d rather push opinion, Republican Party written talking points and make-up stories rather than news, the rest of us don’t have to buy into their self-delusions. The President is under no obligation to treat the National Enquirer as a legitimate news source either. If this hurts Harsanyi’s feelings, that’s just too bad.

One last question that Cons should have pursued in the Bush years:

And if this administration can’t handle one cable station’s opposition, what does that tell the American people about its mettle on issues that matter?

Indeed. We’re still waiting to hear Bush’s explanation for neutering opposition. We continue to discover just what they had to hide from Americans and how lawless they really were. Thank goodness America saw through the veneer and made an emphatic statement on what they thought of folks like Bush last November.


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