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Obama’s Admin: Fox Not Legitimate


It’s time to throw some parties!  It’s not the first time it’s happened, and I don’t at this point think it will be the last either.  Two Obama advisers went on two different Sunday TV talk shows and stated unequivocally what most rational people have thought to themselves for years:

Fox is not a legitimate news outlet.

They’re an biased entity with access to the airwaves.  They have opinions, which everyone and every entity has a right to have.  But having an opinion doesn’t make one a journalist or a news network.  They can think of themselves as whatever they want, but it’s impressive and encouraging that the Obama administration is forcefully keeping Fox away with a 20′ pole.  After all, there are thousands (millions?) of opinion-holders out there.  They can’t all get into Presidential press briefings.  Those should be reserved for widely accepted news outlets.

The difference between this administration and the Bush cabal in this arena is stark.  Bush’s cronies used Fox and other non-serious groups (remember the non-credentialed gay prostitute who was allowed into press briefings to lob softballs to the Boy King?) to push their agenda on America by force.  Obama and his staff are serious about actually governing the country.


2 thoughts on “Obama’s Admin: Fox Not Legitimate

  1. My inlaws are HUGE subscribers to Fox News and believe all things they say to be God’s honest truth. When they stay at our home (and that will be a few days before Thanksgiving), Fox is turned up really high, and they sit and cluck and say, “Oh, Obama isn’t even FROM America!”. I can write my blog post now.

  2. Yikes! Good luck when they come visit. I do remember some witty posts on this in the past – is it selfish to anticipate more this year?
    It’s frustrating to encounter people that believe in Fox when the Fox folks consistently contradict themselves in the same sentence. Aaaargh!

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