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1,000 Mayors Sign Onto Meet Kyoto Protocol Targets

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This article is a little old (from 3Oct2009), but still relevant nonetheless:

On Friday, as outgoing president of the U.S. Conference of Mayors, he announced that 1,000 mayors across the country had signed on to a pact to meet the Kyoto protocol targets for reducing greenhouse gas emissions. They also will urge the federal government and the states to cut emissions by 7% from 1990 levels by 2012.

A number of cities’ mayors in Colorado signed on, including Denver, Boulder and Westminster.  The map I link to above demonstrates something that makes a lot of sense: urban locations are more likely to have signed on than rural locations.  Not that there are no rural towns who have signed on – quite the opposite.  But more and more “big city” mayors recognize that managing their cities with drastic reductions in water and food and notable increases in temperature, drought and sea-level rise will be increasingly difficult for the remainder of this century unless aggressive measures are taken now to reduce our climate forcing.

I can’t applaud Greg Nickels (Seattle mayor who started this project) and the other hundreds of mayors who recognize the threat and have done something about it.


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