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Gun Dealers Break Laws; Conservatives Don’t Care

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I always wondered how airtight the federal law to require a background check be done on potential gun purchasers were.  I wasn’t sure private gun sellers would actually, you know, follow the law.  More on that in a sec.  Well, it turns out, a majority of private gun sellers in an investigation didn’t follow the law!  The law is quite simple, you see.  If a private seller “knows” or “has reason to believe” the buyer is a criminal, it is illegal to sell the gun to them.  So let’s set up a crazy hypothetical situation: imagine if a potential gun buyer told a private gun seller that they wouldn’t pass a background check.  According to the law, what do you suppose the seller is supposed to do?  Not sell them the freaking gun!!!!!

Now, I didn’t suppose that a majority of private gun sellers would break the law, knowingly or otherwise, but reality has a mean way of breaking you down.  A full 63% of private sellers at gun shows tested were all too willing to sell to buyers who admitted up front that they would fail the background test.  When conservatives talk about “American values”, it would be nice if they would occasionally include following laws.  But as has become all too clear, conservatives don’t think laws actually apply to them.  They’re special!  Laws are for dirty liberals, not country-loving patriots, dont’cha know?  The video at this link demonstrates how many true patriots this country really has.  Watch it in all it’s glory.

A quick question: how many convicted felons have acquired guns this way?  How much extra crime has been committed in this country thanks to law-breaking gun “rights”-as-a-religion fanatics?

On a related note, pay attention to the sellers.  Do you detect a pattern?  Aside from the fact that too many of them laugh when they’re told the buyer wouldn’t pass a background check, that is.

Oh, the 2nd part of the lede?  That’s an acknowledgment to the diarist’s point that conservatives hosed their shorts getting ACORN’s funding revoked.  Where are they on real, excessive law breaking?  Looking for their next mythical liberal conspiracy to break up, probably.


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