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Where Are The Angry Hordes Today?

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With news that billions in American aid to Pakistan wasted due to lack of Pentagon planning and accounting, I’m sure we’ll hear about all those truly concerned grass-roots-types calling their Representatives and Senators and demanding that the government stop foreign aid to the nuclear country.  Right?  Right?

I mean, after all, their outrage wasn’t manufactured or focused on what a handful of corporations wanted them to be, was it?  That’s what we kept hearing from all of them – “Nobody is telling me to be out here with my Obama=Hitler sign.  I’m real and I’m angry, dammit!”.  So where are they today?  Are the phone lines in Washington jammed with thousands of angry citizens demanding to know why the Pentagon threw away $6 Billion?  Are the servers crashing from all of the traffic as people demand to know via email where their taxpayer dollars are?

Of course they’re not.  Because the outrage was manufactured.  Because the military can do whatever they damn well please with taxpayer dollars.  The righties aren’t concerned about their fellow Americans’ health.  Somehow, they’re just fine with the idea that $6 Billion of our dollars went to Pakistani economic subsidies, including fighting with India, instead of tracking down and killing terrorists.  They’re not truly angry that the government is getting involved with things … as long as the government is involved in the things they want it to be.  The tea-baggers and anti-health care reform mobs that descended on town halls this summer were as fake as can be.  Few of those people would have gotten out to the town halls if they weren’t organized by firms who specialize in such things.  The fact that the people didn’t know they were being used could be considered sad.

But I don’t waste any pity on those who don’t truly care for their fellow citizens.  They deserve to have billions of their tax dollars flittered away by their political leadership.


One thought on “Where Are The Angry Hordes Today?

  1. Where was the outrage when Bush was doubling our national debt? Right-wingers are only outraged over things they’re told to be outraged about, and Glenn Beck isn’t going to cry about this.

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