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Nobody ‘Stole’ The Cup

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I’m a hockey fan.  I’m not the biggest hockey fan ever, but I do love to watch and play the game.  I got pretty spoiled by having the Quebec Nordiques move to Denver in 1995 to become the Colorado Avalanche and then win the Stanley Cup in 1996, especially since no other major sports franchise had won a championship at that time in the Mile High City.

I have a healthy respect for the tradition of the game and the NHL.  As an Avs fan, I have a special place in my mind reserved for the Detroit Red Wings.  They’re a good hockey club.  They’re so good, their fans are arrogant.  So I love it when they lose anything – be it one game or Game 7 of the Stanley Cup playoffs as they did back in June.  That loss capped off the best week of my life.

All that aside, it is disappointing as a sports fan to read this kind of stupidity:

It’s been almost four months since that dramatic June night at Joe Louis Arena when the Penguins held on to defeat the Detroit Red Wings and steal the Stanley Cup from the defending champions.

Nobody ‘stole’ the Cup, Scott Burnside, no matter what the Wings or their fans might tell you.  Pittsburgh played every game of that series, the same that Detroit did.  They earned the Stanley Cup as much as the Wings earned it in 2008.  The 4th best team (in regular season) from the East beat the 2nd best team from the West in a 7-game series.  By the way, Detroit was up 3-2 in the series before dropping the last two games.  Nobody forced them to lose those games.  They just played a little worse than Pittsburgh did.

Writing things like Pittsburgh ‘stole’ the Cup from the defending champions is an attempt to cheapen their achievement and that’s immoral.  Get over your sour grapes, already.


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