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When Religious Fanatics Impact Business Fanatics

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Normally, the corporate-wings of the American political parties largely control what the parties do.  There are times, however, when the boogie-men of the religious fanatics reach out and tell the business-types what to do.  Such is the case with Creation, a film about the life of Charles Darwin, that no distributor in the United States wants to touch.

Oooh, see how scary that is?  A film about the life of Charles Darwin is too problematic for a business to distribute to American theatres.  Very little about his theories make it into the film; just the things he experienced in life, of which his research was only part.  Indeed, one of the most impressive things about Mr. Darwin was his realization of what his work would mean – far outside the scientific circles for which he directed his research.

This country is so ridiculously, purposefully closed-minded about scientific facts and implications that it is truly frightening at times.  It seems counterproductive to me that there are those in this country who would rather keep Americans ignorant of discovery and deeper meanings behind discoveries than continue progressing forward in an increasingly scientifically and technologically demanding world.  This country cannot be the greatest on the planet if they have their way.

[h/t Ethan]


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