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US Missle “Shield” Scrapped By Obama

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Good.  Talk about an insane giveaway to defense contractors that would never offer any real defense to the U.S. or European countries.  It was designed to funnel billions to corporations for the easiest profit in the world and ratchet up the arms race versus Russia so they would be forced to respond with their own war program.

The silliest part to this development?  Cons spent their time yesterday slamming President Obama over this decision, saying it would weaken the U.S. stance versus Russia and Iran.

To which I reply, what about terrorism and China?

You see, the Cons aren’t serious about protecting this country from terrorism.  The whack-jobs showing up at town halls with guns prove that.  The 400% increase in death threats to our half-black President prove that.  Con leaders’ still lacking call to bring both under control prove that – they want another domestic terrorist attack to occur, preferably against the Commander in Chief!  Oh, 9/11 is more proof that Cons don’t want to protect Americans from terrorism, in this case, the foreign sources.  The Iraq invasion and occupation is proof of that also.  Why spend $2 Trillion to occupy a nation that had nothing to do with 9/11?  Because it was never about the terrorism.  It was about asserting more control in a region of power.  Sickening.

And what about China?  China’s leaders have threatened to start a nuclear war with the U.S. if we don’t mind their interests.  Has one Con called for sanctioning China or in any other way flex our muscles against China?  No.  Why not?  There are at least a couple reasons.  How about the insane amount of money the U.S. owes China?  They could shut down our economy in a way that the super-profiteers in the U.S. never dreamed of last year.  And what is China doing with all that money we’ve loaned them?  They’re modernizing and building their military.  They’re investing it in their own country, ensuring that they will lead the world in the clean energy revolution of the 21st century, trying to guarantee they become the preeminent economy the world has ever seen.  What do Cons have to say about that?  Nothing.  Their new corporate masters will be Chinese, which is saying something, considering their deep-seated racist attitudes towards “others”.

So no, Cons have no credibility when it comes to chiding Obama for pulling a plug on a wasteful war program.  They’re not serious about defending America and shouldn’t be treated as such, even by our corporatist-media.


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