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Sickening Analogy of the Week

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Cons try hard to come up with the most extreme examples they can think of to compare liberal policies and organizations to.  In the wake of the ACORN scandal, a Con “entrepreneur” has come up with what I think is the most sickening analogy of the week:

“When I saw these videos, I couldn’t help thinking, this is the Abu Ghraib of the Great Society,” said Breitbart, who put the videos on “Everybody that is a conservative news junkie thinks that ACORN is the most important institution for us to uncover to the American public.”

Are you kidding me?  And the corporatist-media just stenographers this crap without calling him on it?

So in this sickos mind, two people dressing up like a prostitute and a pimp who go into an ACORN office and get unethical advice on how to lie on a mortgage application is somehow equivalent to over-paid mercenaries torturing foreigners in order to extract shitty intelligence and not being held accountable for their actions?  The two aren’t even remotely close.  But the ACORN “scandal” is what passes for important news in the Con mind.

If Cons want to investigate waste by the government, they need look no further than the mercenaries who were running around unchecked in Iraq.  How many billions of dollars went missing?  A lot of billions, but we don’t really know, because Cons don’t like regulating themselves, only others.  So there was purposefully no infrastructure set up to ensure that billions of American taxpayers’ dollars (those things they’re supposedly so concerned about) were spent on what they promised they would be spent on.  No, no – there shouldn’t have been any oversight on the biggest unfunded occupation in U.S. history.  But ACORN?  Bring ’em to the ground!

I’d say they make me sick, but I’ve come to expect these kinds of childish infatuations and tantrums from the Cons.  They’ve proven themselves to be the most inept governors of anything remotely important in our history.  How do they respond?  By taking up vendettas against the people’s services.  How about infiltrating war contractors, boneheads?  In contrast to the millions of dollars you’re supposedly concerned about, they’re flushing billions down the drain, and failing to protect America while they’re at it.



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