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Spot-on Commentary About The 9/12 Events

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This is one of the better write-ups I’ve found, from, who else, Hunter:

What does 9/11 have to do with taxes? With birth certificates? With any of the rest of the conspiracy theories that have so animated the dumb-as-a-post base, this last year? Nothing, to us, but everything to them. 9/11 is about America being “America”, and that means America doing whatever they say.

They saw 9/11 as, correctly, a fearsome thing that destroyed a little bit of our country — but in the town halls they’re far more concerned about “socialism” coming. It’s the same fear, to them. When they appear in front of the cameras with tears streaming down their faces and say “we just want our country back”, talking about whether the first black president is really even a citizen, or whether extending Medicare benefits to a 50-year-old would lead us down the road to Stalinism, they honestly fear those scary things every bit as much as they fear terrorists that they have never seen and that only attacked places in America that they hated anyway. They are that afraid of a black president, or of imaginary “death panels”. This is what animates them, as conservatives: the notion that everybody in America, from the spanish-speaking couple down the street to the unfathomable government, is a threat to them and their tiny tribe of like-minded believers.

The Cons are all about fear.  If they can no longer project their fear on the rest of Americans and get the response they think they deserve, they’ll hold their own dang event where they can scream and carry around hate- and fear-based signs, thank you very much.

At this point, the extremist right-wingers are in full control of much of the Republican Party.  These are the knuckleheads that ConveraDems and Blue Dogs are trying to appease and  “negotiate” with and triangulate with.  I’ll say it again: when “the other side” wants you dead, there’s no negotiating with it.

Once the moderate Republicans take their party back over, Democrats should fully engage them on the issues.  Until then, the rump needs to be ignored.


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