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Can The Government Collect Info On You Or Not?

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Something occurred to me this morning with regard to one specific criticism of the “Cash for Clunkers” program.  Troublemakers are spreading word that the government will be able to get into your personal computers and take control of them.  Apparently, it’s making a lot of people mad.

So where were these “personal freedom” vanguarders when the Bush “administration” was illegally wiretapping Americans?  Back then, the response from too many was, “As long as it keeps us safe!” or “I have nothing to hide!”  Well, as long as the government keeps you safe, why can’t they get into your computer information?  As long as you don’t have … oh, now I get it.

Americans had nothing to hide on their telephone calls, but they have plenty to hide from the government on their computers.  So there must be hundreds, no, thousands, no, millions of Americans who are collaborating with the Taliban on Facebook and Twitter!  Otherwise, they wouldn’t care if the government could take a peek every now and then on their home computers, would they?  How close are all those terrorist plants to taking control of this country, anyway?  Are these same people working to bring the Bushies to justice for illegally spying on Americans?  I didn’t think so.

By the way, it’s a b.s. criticism.  The only thing the government is going to have access to is the database that car dealerships and junkyards are similarly accessing to track that vehicles turned in really are destroyed.  But it sure exposes the deep hypocrisy that ideologues have, doesn’t it?  It was okay for the Bushies to illegally spy on us, but it isn’t okay for the Obama administration to tell us up front what they’re doing.  Idiots.


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