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President Obama Puts Focus On Wrong Issue

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I caught this headline and quickly clicked to read the short tidbit on it:

Obama: ‘Left-wing groups’ should back off.

Here’s the bulk of what else was written:

The President discussed how the current tone and culture in Washington made it more difficult than it has been in the past to work in a bipartisan fashion. In particular, he singled out Republican Senators who are trying to work in a bipartisan fashion even in the context of a vocal minority in their party who doubt that the President was born in the US. In this context about the less productive tone of the debate in Washington, he said he didn’t like to see ‘left wing groups attack fellow Democrats’.

Mr. President, you’re wrong about this.  There is no other way to describe it.  Where is your condemnation of right-wing, corporate ads attacking Congressional legislation?

Why is Washington less bipartisan than it used to be?  Because Republicans have been replaced with extremist Cons.  Democrats have gotten steadily more moderate in the past 30 years, trying to track down the elusive Holy Bipartisan Grail, to no avail.  The American people are fed up with Con policies – they want progressive legislation passed and many of us aren’t afraid to call ConservaDems to task for working harder to find the Grail than they are on writing good legislation.  ConservaDems are also working harder for their corporate benefactors than they are for their constituents.

ConservaDems and Cons are working to enact health insurance “reform”, not health care reform (I hope most of us recognize the critical differences).  What possible use do Americans have with a plan that will force them to pay for insurance but not receive the care they deserve?!  These limp noodles have accepted millions upon millions of dollars from corporations.  What true incentive to they have to write good legislation if the people stand on the sidelines?

Republican Senators (Cons) aren’t trying to work in a bipartisan fashion.  They’re trying to slow down bills’ progress long enough so that it is effectively killed, because they don’t want the public record of having voted against real health care reform.  The Cons have no interest in ever voting for the bills that they’re working to water down.  What Con will vote for the bill, Mr. President?  Can you tell us that?  Have Con Senators promised you they’ll vote for it if they can just work on it a few weeks or a few months longer?  Who are they?  What concessions need to be given up?  No, sir, there are no such Cons.

Which is why progressive advocacy groups are running ads against politicians who found it convenient to put a ‘D’ after their name.  They’re not writing what Americans have said in overwhelming numbers for years they want.  It’s time to put up or shut up.  Put a piece of legislation together and let’s have the freaking vote on it already.  And please stop chasing the Holy Bipartisan Grail.  It doesn’t exist.  When reasonable Republicans take their party back over, we can have honest, bipartisan debates about substantive policy.  Until then, don’t acknowledge the Cons’ insanity.


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