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Sen. Thune (R-SD) Obviously In Support Of Abortions; Blue Dogs Get Called Out

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Some choice snippets from Keith Olbermann’s Special Comment last night:

We can accomplish health care reform while keeping patients and their doctors in charge, not bureaucrats and politicians.  – Sen John Thune (R-SD) , recipient of $1,206,176 from health sector in campaign contributions on 8/1/09).

Wow, Senator, this illustrates how desperate you and the other Republicans are, right? Because Senator Thune, if you really think “bureaucrats and politicians” need to get out of the way of “patients and their doctors,” then you support a woman patient’s right to get an abortion. And you supported Michael Schiavo’s right to take his wife off life support. And you oppose “bureaucrats and politicians” getting in the way. And we’ll just mark you down on the pro-choice list.  That’s a rare mis-step for you, Sen. Thune. – K.O. Special Comment 8/3/09.

I’ve made this point before, so it’s nice to see someone of Olbermann’s stature reach the same logical conclusion.  If the corporate media weren’t corporate, they would report on the mental gymnastics the Cons have to play to arrive at different conclusions on similar situations.  Unfortunately, it’s left to an outstanding host of a digital cable show – thereby minimizing the potential watching audience.

And so, I’ll do my tiny part to push the video to folks who might not otherwise see it.  No matter what your worldview or political affiliation, click on that link to see K.O.’s video segment.  A number of Republicans and Democrats get absolutely and appropriately skewered for their immoral acceptance of millions of dollars in campaign contributions to ensure thousands of Americans continue to die so corporations can profit just a little bit more.

Here’s another one:

John Tanner of TN (D-08) : You’ve taken $215K from hospitals; if I and an appropriate number of my friends were to put together $216K, if we could buy his vote or would there still have to be an auction?

I’ve wondered this myself.  And yet somehow, these politicians have the audacity to act offended when you pose this question to them to their face.  They’re simply shocked someone is calling them out on their actions.  Because, as we all know, their acceptance of campaign contributions hasn’t plateaued or slowed down … ever.  So save your pathetic reaction, politicians of all stripes.  I double-d0g dare you to kill health care reform this year.  Because you’ll be out of Congress next year, I guarantee you that.


One thought on “Sen. Thune (R-SD) Obviously In Support Of Abortions; Blue Dogs Get Called Out

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