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Sen. Ben Nelson Doesn’t Like Health Care Ads

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One of the Senators being targeted for votes by both sides of the health care debate is Sen. Ben Nelson (D-NE).  In return for his obstructionism to date on the issue, progressive advocacy groups have raised money and are running ads in Nebraska and D.C. challenging Sen. Nelson’s actions (or lack thereof).  So how does the “distinguished gentleman from Nebraska” react?  By issuing a statement warning that the ads could cause health care reform to be dead by the end of August.  His office even claims that the ads convinced wingnuts to out-call reform advocates 9-1.

Here is a quote from one of the groups’ founders:

“Ben Nelson just called a Nebraska small businessman whose health insurance costs went up 42% an out-of-state special interest, while never disputing that he is bought and paid for by health and insurance interests who gave him millions to vote against his own constituents,” Green continued. “If Ben Nelson stands behinds his spokesman’s words, he just proved himself a fundamentally corrupt and out-of-touch politician who feels perfectly comfortable lying to his constituents and going to bat for private insurers who fear competition and want to rip off the people of Nebraska.”



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