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Republicans Won’t Put Up, Corporations Won’t Shut Up

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As the 2009 health care “debate” continues into August, a couple of developments are taking place that the corporate-run media won’t cover.

The first was a real opportunity for Republicans to put their money where their mouths are and vote down a socialized medical system operating in the United States: Medicare.  Rep. Anthony Weiner introduced an amendment in the House Energy and Commerce Committee last Thursday that would have shut down Medicare on Jan. 1, 2010.

The result should shock no one: not one person on the Committee voted for the amendment.  Rep. Weiner’s point was made: despite parroting all the corporate-funded talking points and obstructing any kind of progress on reforming our health care system, Republicans and ConservaDems didn’t put up.  Given the chance to demonstrate that they don’t like socialized medicine and shut down such a system operating within the U.S., everybody chickened out.  Nobody wanted their names associated with a proposal to shut down such a successful, wildly popular socialized medical system.  Cowards, all of them.  Oh – how many times did you see this story on the corporate media this weekend?  I know I didn’t – I had to read about it today on progressive news services.  [h/t Think Progress]

Next, and quite frankly, much more importantly, corporate-funded groups are manufacturing protests at Representatives’ town hall meetings in their districts.  The protests are well-organized from the highest levels – they’re providing talking points and suggestions on how best to disrupt the meetings by trying to embarrass or anger Representatives.  They’re buying transportation to pick up people who don’t know the protests aren’t grassroots organized.

They’re advocating “Rocking the town halls” by sending out viral emails to everybody that showed up to the ridiculous Teabagging Parties earlier this year.  By which, they’re subverting the spirit of small-d democracy:

Try to rattle him, not have a rational debate.

These people are not interested in having a rational debate, by their own admission.  This is the focus of the right-wing wackos that have taken over the Republican party.  Shout at people, yell out scary talking points, don’t let the opposition respond, try to rattle them, try to embarrass and anger them.  That’s their idea of how a democracy is supposed to work.

The corporate-tocracy is spending a lot of time and money to ensure the status quo is maintained – you either spend money on insurance or you get sick and die.

This corporate-sponsored astroturf campaign is immoral and disgusting.


One thought on “Republicans Won’t Put Up, Corporations Won’t Shut Up

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