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Planet Green

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Last night, I “discovered” Planet Green, a channel on cable that is put together by Discovery.  I’m pretty impressed.  It has been up and running since June of last year.  I watched a program on the Solar Decathalon from 2007 – universities building green homes in a competition every other year in Washington, D.C.  There were some really cool designs – I wish they would have spread this one out a bit more or would follow up examining some of the technologies/plans the schools presented.

Then I watched a program on Greensburg, KS, the town that was literally wiped off the face of the Earth in May, 2007.  I was hoping for more about the green features the town is planning (i.e. Platinum LEED for every city building), and at the end I figured out why the show seemed to be moving too slowly to do so in an hour: it’s part of a series, which isn’t a bad idea.  The bad news is, I’ll have to spend some time trying to figure out when the next episode is going to air.

This morning, as I was getting ready for work, the channel had a program on about green roofs in Chicago, IL.  They did a very good job presenting the advantages of green roofs: lower energy costs, lower building temperatures, improved water handling in an urban setting, etc.  So far, I enjoy the programming on this station.  It’s too bad it’s on the higher reaches of cable (200’s of my programming) – more people would really benefit from its lineup.


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