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Urban Areas Lose Stimulus Funds To Rural Areas

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In a continuation of a trend that has been around for too long already, metropolitan areas around the country are being short-changed funds from the first stimulus bill passed just a few months ago.  Despite providing more than three-quarters of the nation’s economic activity (read: providing more than three-quarters of the tax dollars going to the federal government), and despite the fact that two-thirds of Americans live in urban areas, those same areas have received less than half of the stimulus funds from the largest stimulus source of funds.

I have the same opinion on this as I do the unfair tax and funding mechanisms that are regularly in place: it needs to stop.  It makes no sense to send more tax dollars to areas that didn’t provide the money.  Federal spending needs to go to areas that provided the funds in the first place.  If rural areas want infrastructure and projects, they need to come up with ways to fund them themselves.  It amazes me that urban-dwellers are constantly lectured about not having “values” like rural-dwellers do.  I don’t think greed is a value worth having.  I don’t think you should steal from your neighbor then complain they’re doing nothing to help you, don’t care about you and have no values.


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