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Universal Health Coverage Costs Less Than Bush Tax Cuts

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Nobel prize winner Paul Krugman makes the best argument about the cost of the health bill currently in Congress up as such:

Something like 97 percent coverage for people legally here, at a total cost somewhere in the $1 trillion range. Bear in mind that the Bush tax cuts cost around $1.8 trillion over a decade. We can do this — and have no excuse for not doing it.

Well, isn’t that interesting.  This CBO estimate includes the public option this time.  Cons are wasting their time screaming about how much universal health coverage would cost this nation and how we just can’t afford it.  The Bush tax cuts cost two to three times as much as they wated their time screaming about how we couldn’t afford not to enact them.

Obvious questions arise.

How much more are you taking home today thanks to the Bush tax cuts?  I ended up paying more, as did most lower- and middle-class Americans.

How good for the economy were the Bush tax cuts?  Well, they helped precipitate the 2nd Great Republican Depression.  Remember, this economy is losing over 600,000 jobs per week, real wages still haven’t increased in a generation and Bush doubled the nation’s debt in just 8 short years – the same debt that took over 200 to accumulate.

The Cons need better talking points.  Instead, they’ll continue to excel at being the party of no.  No ideas, no solutions.  Just no to everything Americans want.  Including universal health coverage.


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