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Corporate Media Mocks the Jobless

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Pretty much any article written in the corporate media that has to do with the economy is written for the richest among us.  If you earn less than a couple hundred G’s per year, you’re not in the “in crowd”.  A perfect example can be found in this article titled, Jobless consumers will hold back recovery.  The scorn derived from classism of that lede is frustrating in its immorality.  It tries to somehow imply that Americans who have lost their jobs are at fault for holding the rest of ‘us’ back – the ‘us’ being the upper-class, of course.  After all, it certainly wasn’t the upper-class who consistently amend economic programs and policies to boost their wealth, often at the expense of the classes below them.  Of far more worry is how those jobless consumers will be able to put food on their families tables.  These and other real concerns should be reported on – but you won’t find it on the pages of America’s largest media outlets.

Adding to the irritation, mis-labeled economic “experts” derive indices and figures they can watch from the comfort of their lavish perches to determine the “true” state of the economy.  It would be uncouth for them to actually go out into the streets where the rest of us live and work and see what the economy really looks like.  How did the “experts” get this month’s jobless claims forecast so wrong?  We just h witnessed the largest corporation in the history of the world declare bankruptcy.  Plant and dealership closures were well covered by the same media that scratches its head over the newest numbers that were worse than the “experts” expected.  By ensuring their lives were sufficiently displaced from the riff-raff, the “experts” and the stenographers following them around like groupies also ensured that they would keep reality far away from their windows.

There are 30 years’ worth of failed Con-servative economic policies to unravel – and this Democratic-controlled Congress and this Democratic President aren’t exactly knocking those policies on their ends the way they should.  This recession depression was easily seen by those who refused to wear rose-tinted glasses.  This recovery will take years to play out – and even then, without a fundamental shift in economic policy, it will be weaker than most Americans would like to see.  The wealthiest among us will be able to recover quicker and more fully – even if the fundamentals continue to be weak, they’ll exploit every method they can get their hands on, and make up a few new ones when those aren’t getting it done, in order to continue to grow their wealth at unsustainable levels.  The rest of us will continue to hold that recovery back because there aren’t enough rules in place to help us grow our wealth.

When real wages for the median American increase, a real recovery will begin.  When America manufactures more than it imports, a real recovery will begin.  The more corporations continue to move operations off-shore, the weaker and more unsustainable the recovery will be.  The answers are clear.  It’s up to non-wealthy Americans to hold those controlling the strings to be held accountable to implement them.


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