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Dr. George Tiller & Right-Wing Terrorism

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I’m going to try to make this as short as possible.  I have a lot to write on the subject, but at some point ranting for the sake of ranting takes away from some critical points.  First – the actual news report: a Kansas doctor, Dr. George Tiller, was assassinated while performing usher duties at his church SundayThe assassin was later identified as 51 year-old terrorist Scott Roeder, who was apprehended by Kansas City area law enforcement later in the day Sunday.

I don’t normally do this, but I’m going to very deliberately point out the language I’m using: assassin and terrorist.  Roeder has a history and a record of being a bomb-maker, a tax protester, a member of a “sovereignity” movement (anti-government), and anti-abortion extremist.  By killing a doctor in his church, Roeder is desperately trying to terrorize liberals and pro-rights supporters across the country with a simpleton’s message: if you don’t agree with my extremist views, I’ll kill you. This viewpoint and this heinous act will not sway me on this issue. I hope it doesn’t sway anybody else who supports a woman’s right to make decisions about herself and her body.

Roeder is an assassin: he pre-meditatively murdered a politically prominent person for fanatical purposes.  Dr. George Tiller was one of three doctors nationwide that perform late-term abortions.  Despite the hate-speech of extremists like Bill O’Reilly, there is no way Dr. Tiller or the other two doctors have performed thousands of late-term abortions.  A bare handful occur in any given year.  It would take hundreds of years to accumulate the numbers O’Reilly has claimed.

In 1996, Roeder made an obvious and direct threat to another doctor. According to one of his fellow terrorists:

“I know that he believed in justifiable homicide,” said Regina Dinwiddie, a Kansas City anti-abortion activist.  […] Dinwiddie said she met Roeder while picketing outside the Kansas City Planned Parenthood clinic in 1996.

Justifiable homicide?!  These people are textbook definitions of extremists.  Planned Parenthood does more to prevent unwanted pregnancies than they do to terminate them, a fact never cited by anti-abortion terrorists.  That means Dr. Tiller and others pro-actively work to encourage the health and lives of all their patients.  There is no justification for the assassination of these doctors.

These people are operating as terror-cells inside the United States.  They are trying to establish their own government on U.S. land outside of the current system that is in place.  They are targeting and assassinating law-abiding U.S. citizens – Americans.  Yet the hard-on-terror blowhards on corporate-owned media, especially the right-wing outlets, are supporting these terrorists; they’re providing cover for them, trying to rationalize and justify their existence.  As a result, Americans are dying on our own soil.

That’s correct: Bill O’Reilly and dozens of cowards just like him are inciting anti-U.S. terrorists to assassinate Americans.  They’ll rail against anyone who doesn’t match their fringe concept of what an American should look like.  If Roeder wasn’t white and he had assassinated someone who was anti-choice, the right-wing media would be screaming 24 hours a day about it.  But they’re not calling Roeder and his fellow terrorists out.  What will it take to stop these terrorists?  What will it take to stop their sympathizers?  How many Americans have to die before these terrorists are identified as what they are by the corporate media and the appropriate amount of attention by law enforcement at all levels is levied?  Lastly, will Scott Roeder be charged as a terrorist or will he be charged as just another murderer?

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