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Atlantic Tropical Weather Update 5/29/09

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The 1st storm of 2009 in the Atlantic basin formed yesterday: Tropical Depression 1.  Today’s forecast discussion can be found here.

TD1 is currently centered at 39.6N, 64.0W; maximum sustained winds of 34mph; moving east-northeast @ 18mph; minimum central pressure of 1006mb.

As I suspected, TD1 is unlikely to strengthen during the remainder of its life.  Westerly wind shear has pushed the convection away from the central low.  Sometime tomorrow, it should dissipate as it is absorbed into a frontal zone crossing the Atlantic.
Elsewhere, a tropical wave is moving westward across the Atlantic near 8N.  It isn’t expected to develop into a more organized system over the next couple of days.  As it continues to draw nearer to South America, SSTs warm up another degree C or so.  Upper level winds south of 10N are fairly weak right now.  North of 10N, upper level wind speeds are high, which would shear apart any system trying to organize itself.  It’s still early in the season.

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