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Gee, I Wonder Why Republicans Lost in 2008

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It couldn’t be because of their lack of understanding of topics or lack of empathy for their constituents.  It couldn’t have been because of things like:

1. Rep. Joe Barton (R-TX), on the Obama administration’s efforts to regulate carbon dioxide:

Barton says the average healthy adult exhales between four-tenths of a ton and seven-tenths of a ton of CO2 a year.

“So if you put 20,000 marathoners into a confined area, you could consider that a single source of pollution, and you could regulate it,” Barton says. “The key would be whether the EPA said that 20,000 people running the same route was one source or not.”

One indication that the EPA likely would consider 20,000 runners a single source of pollution is that the agency is trying to regulate waste-water runoff and emissions of drilling rigs in oil fields by attempting to define entire areas as a single source of pollution, Barton says.

Yeah, I totally see how 20,000 runners are the same thing as 20,000 drilling rigs.  Rep. Barton’s analogy is ridiculous.  The rest of America (the sane part) knows the difference.

2. With less than three weeks to go before hurricane season starts, Sen David Vitter (R-LA) has finally lifted his hold on Obama’s nomination of Craig Fugate to head FEMA.  Why did Sen. Vitter have a hold on Mr. Fugate’s nomination?  To receive an update from FEMA officials about designations of high-risk areas along the coast so developers can decide where they want to rebuild.  How long has Sen. Vitter been demanding this critical information?  For two whole freaking months!!!  Um, wait … Sen. Vitter first asked FEMA about their plans back in March 2009?  Yes,that’s correct.  How long did the Bush administration delay FEMA from making these decisions?  Since August 2005.  So for 3 years and 7 months, Sen. Vitter had no problem with the Bushies not making decisions.  But he’s willing to hold an Obama FEMA nomination (to head the agency, you know, nothing important) until he gets answers to the critical questions that it took over 42 months for him to even post?  Yes, that’s correct: Sen. Vitter – perfect example of how Republicans look out for their constituents’ well-being.  They don’t.  Sen. Vitter is facing reelection in 2010.  I’m supporting whoever his challenger happens to be.

3. Sen. Chuck Grassley (R-IA) thinks the Senate’s incompetence at running a cafeteria proves that a public option for health care would be a bad idea:

And another thing. Us Senators have to think in terms of a government run insurance plan. We just had to turn the Senate dining room over to a private enterprise because it was losing so much money when the Senate was running it. So you got to be careful about government run programs.

I can’t believe these people hold as much power as they do.  The things they come up with are beyond childish.  Sen. Grassley didn’t think the Senate could do a good enough job running the Senate dining room.  Like the good free-marketeer that he is, he applauded turning it over to a private enterprise.  Because everybody knows how bad the government screws up everything it touches!  Um, Sen. Grassley – you’re an unprincipled hypocrite.  When I read a news report indicating you’ve voluntarily given up your government-run health-care coverage, I’ll believe that you believe in what you’re saying.  But you’ve been using that coverage (at our expense) since 1981!  I suggest you get a grip on the courage of your convictions, sir.  Additionally, Sen. Grassley craftily inserts “government run insurance plan”.  I don’t want a government run insurance plan.  I have an insurance plan – it’s a wreck run by a greedy corporation.  I want a government run health care system.  There is a world of difference there that Sen. Grassley is trying to keep Americans from seeing.  I also can’t believe Iowans have reelected this clown for nearly 30 years  (atrocious grammar is just the tip of the iceberg).  They have the chance to make up for his obstructionist ways in 2010.  I’ll support whoever his challenger(s) is (are).


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