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Quick Hit: Condi Approved Torture in 2002

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And the corporate media continues to use the false Con talking point, to no one’s surprise.  The Washington Post, Con apologizer extraordinaire, and MSNBC report it this way:

Document: Rice approved harsh tactics in 2002

They weren’t harsh tactics. They were torture. The Bush “administration” did their level best to argue that illegal techniques were fine and dandy, but the bottom-line definition never changed.

Further, the corporate media continues to treat this as a “he-said, she-said” kind of story, which is morally repugnant.  No Washington Post employee would sumbit to these “harsh tactics” being performed on them and continue to report on them in this fashion.  I’ll feel pity for failing newspapers when they employ more journalists.

Former NSA head and Sec. of State Rice should be investigated for war crimes.  The Bush “administration’s” Cons attempts to temporarily redefine laws for themselves needs to be fully and publicly investigated.  Otherwise, they’ll happen again and again.


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