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Cons Won’t Negotiate – Too Busy Hissy-Fitting

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The top-down driven “protests” yesterday, orchestrated by the richest Cons in America, and dutifully manned by small numbers of Fox-watching sheep, put on display the exact reason why Democrats in Congress are wasting their time expecting the Cons to come to the negotiation table in good faith.  The Cons running the Republican party want to destroy the Democratic Party.  Not figuratively, they want to literally kill the Democratic Party using violence.  They don’t want to negotiate.  They want to dominate – whether they’re in the majority or the minority.  Their worldview is the only valid worldview.  There is no room for anything else.  There is no cause for diplomacy and discussion.

David Waldman at DailyKos sums things up perfectly:

So here’s the basic lesson of the teabagging hissy fit. The new Republican “theory” of democracy:

GOP wins: “Mandate! Elections have consequences!”

GOP loses: “Tyranny! Fascism! Revolution! Secession!

Think about that. And think about how they used to tell you with a straight face that when Republicans won, “the adults were back in charge.”


Think about that when they tell you they demand a say in how we fix health care, rebuild our economy and protect working peoples’ rights to build better lives for themselves and their families. While you were working for these changes back home, they were feeding the rump end of their “base” in the hopes that they’d spike any and every deal.

Think about how wise it is to seek “compromise” with vipers who will, the moment they don’t get their way, turn and hiss, “Revolution! Secession!

Cons don’t believe in democracy.  They don’t believe in the American Way.  They would rather Democrats in Congress and President Obama to fail on every issue rather than yield one inch on any issue.  They’re anti-American secessionists.  Sarah Palin showed us that last year when it came to light her husband belonged to a secessionist movement in Alaska.  Governor Perry in Texas showed us that last week when he called for states to draw a line in the sand and be able and ready to tell the federal government to go shove it.  When Democrats control things at the federal level, the Cons are all about “states’ rights”.  When the Cons are in control at the federal level, they’re all about federal amendments to stop state initiatives they don’t like and aren’t in a position to change.  They’re phony.  They throw temper tantrums.  But they sure as heck don’t want to work within the process to push their agenda.  Democrats who think they’ll do so risk their entire agenda, which is supported by a majority of Americans.


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