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Anti-Tax Crowd Demonstrates Against Republican Tax Rates

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The obvious question to the anti-tax crowd’s planned parties today is why didn’t they demonstrate against the Republican tax rates when Republicans were in control.  There is an easy answer, of course.  They weren’t told to do so by their propaganda outlet, Fox.  Now that Fox is in a tizzy and Newt Gingrich and Dick Armey are working their hypocritical little butts off to reformulate their party after 8 disastrous, mis-managed years, the “crowds” are coming out.

Also of interest to me is how little the crowds truly understand what the Boston Tea Party was all about.  Of course, since they haven’t believed in public education for a couple of generations, perhaps that shouldn’t be too surprising.  They’ve been too busy remaking their own history to actually learn what happened in reality.  These fools have had representation for their taxation, which completely rejects the premise they’re basing their little whine fest on.

Moreover, these herd-mentality-driven non-grassroots “activists” are showing up (if they really do) to protest the lowest effective tax rate on the top 2%.  Not their own tax rate, which happens to be higher in many cases than the top 2%.

I will also point out that it is hilarious to see homophobic, rights-hating “conservatives” prop up an event that has a clear man-man sex-part basis.  The Cons have had a bizarre fetish with man parts and man love for a long time.  While they’re celebrating ensuring a portion of population not having the same rights as everybody else, they’re using man-on-man activities to protest the top 2%’s tax rate that their representatives and President put into place.  Bizarro world, I’m telling you.

I’m glad to see some appropriate coverage from the corporate media about these events.  It’s not the top story, but some people at MSNBC are talking about how top-driven the Republicon party remains.

And while those “activists” are carrying around signs attacking “socialism”, some of their fellow party members are actively planning to recruit returning servicemembers to their extremist cause.  The irony continues to bubble to the top, doesn’t it?  The “activists” are being told by Faux News that President Obama is a socialist.  Too lazy and brain-washed to think critically about such a ridiculous statement, the “activists” ignore the true socialists in their midst; socialists that have already acted in violence against members of their community; socialists that are obviously continuing to plan violent attacks against other Americans and perhaps the President himself.

So let’s call them what they are: these activists are cowards.  They choose to ignore the evidence of violent socialists in their midst (and do anything about it) because it’s easier to follow instructions from TV personalities.  Can you imagine the uproar we would hear if these same cowards were being told of violent extremists within the Democratic party recruiting for attacks on a Con president like Bush?  The world would damn near be ending for these fools.


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