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Cons Don’t Want Democracy to Flourish in Iraq

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That’s the only message I get from the following:

Additionally, Chris Hill’s nomination as ambassador to Iraq is still being held up by Sen. Sam Brownback (R-KS) at the behest of the right wing. This despite the fact that Secretary of Defense Robert Gates recently issued a rare statement on a diplomatic appointment saying, it is “vital that we get an ambassador in Baghdad as soon as possible.”

How badly do the Cons want democracy in Iraq?  Apparantly not enough to confirm ambassadors nominated by Democrats.  After all, it’s still party first and country second with these clowns.  That’s why they’re the minority party.  Brownback is a proud right-wing extremist, bent on obstructing anything and everything that would be good for America.

This nomination isn’t the only one that the Cons are holding up in Congress, as this Think Progress post details.  Which is funny really, when you consider the screaming those same Cons did when Democrats were holding up Bush’s psychotic reactionary judicial nominees.  Their battle-cry then: “Up or down vote!”.

Where is Chris Hill’s up or down vote, Senators?  Where are the up or down votes for the rest of President Obama’s nominees?  I thought in times of war, it was unpatriotic to hold back a President’s agenda.  We see just how much the Cons believe in their own stupid talking-points.


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