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2007-08 CO Green Energy Legislation

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I am working on a post about 2009 Colorado legislation dealing with green energy and our New Energy Economy.  To provide additional background on the post, I copied a list of bills from the past two years (provided by the state government).  That past legislation constitutes a pretty large list:

HB-07 1037 (Levy/Fitz-Gerald), Energy Efficiency Rebates for Consumers
HB-07 1060 (Riesberg/Shaffer), Bioscience Research Grantsl
HB-07 1087 (A. Kerr/Romer), Wind for Schools Grant Program
HB-071145 (Merrifield/Gordon) Renewable Energy Dev. on State Lands
HB-07 1146 (Levy/Gordon), Energy Conservation Building Codes
HB-07 1150 (C. Gardner/Kester), Clean Energy Authority
HB-07 1169 (Solano/Shaffer), Net Metering
HB-07 1203 (Fischer/Romer), Energy Management Conservation Studies
HB-07 1228 (C. Gardner/Shaffer), Renewable Fuel Crops
HB-07 1279 (McKinley/Romer), Tax Credits, Renewable Energy Machines
HB-07 1281 (Schwartz/Pommer & Witwer), Renewable Portfolio Standard
HB-07 1309 (Weissmann/Tupa), School Energy Efficiency
HB-07 1379 (Weissmann/Tupa), County Enviro. Sustainability Program
SB-07 51 (Gordon/Witwer), High Performance State Buildings
SB-07 91 (Schwartz/Massey), Renewable Resource Generation Areas
SB-07 100 (Fitz-Gerald/McFadyen ), Energy Transmission Development
SB-07 126 (Keller/Pommer), Funding for the Collaboratory
SB-07 145 (Tupa/Gibbs), Local Incentives for Renewable Energy
SB-07 246 (Fitz-Gerald/Buescher), Clean Energy Fund
HB-08 1160 (Solano/Shaffer & Isgar), Net Metering & Rural Electric Utilities
HB-08 1164 (Solano/Schwartz), “New Solar Energy Technologies”
HB-08 1207 (Kefalas/Bacon), Procure Environmentally Preferable Products
HB-08 1270 (A. Kerr/Tupa), CICs Allow Energy Efficiency Measures
HB-08 1350 (Madden/Romer) Financing Renewable Energy
HB-08 1368 (Buescher/Brophy), Tax Prop. Used to Prod. Renewable Energy
HB-08 1387 (Buescher/Veiga), Low-Income Energy Assistance Funding
SB-08 078 (Renfroe/Sonnenberg)
SB-08 081 (Schwartz/Madden), Renewable Energy Authority
SB-08 117 (S. Mitchell/McNulty), Limit Local Bldg. Permit Fee Solar Panels
SB-08 147 (Gordon/Hodge & Levy), Increase Energy Efficiency State Buildings
SB-08 184 (Romer/Levy), Colorado Clean Energy Finance Program
SB-08 186 (Johnson/Levy), Colorado Carbon Fund Special License Plates


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