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Renewables For Schools Bill Unveiled in Colorado

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From a Colorado House Press release issued last Thursday:

Representative Andy Kerr and Treasurer Cary Kennedy will present a new bill that combines two of the hottest issues at the legislature this year: education and the New Energy Economy.

House Bill 1312 creates an innovative program to provide schools access to clean energy with low- and no-interest loans. By producing energy on-site with wind and solar, schools can slash their utility bills, create a buffer against future energy price spikes, inform the next generation about next-generation technologies, and put more money toward educating our kids.

The “Renewables for Schools” bill provides schools access to renewable energy with low- and no-interest loans.  Immediately following the press conference, the House Education Committee will hear testimony and vote on the bill.

The bill was originally scheduled to be unveiled last Thursday.  With the March 2009 blizzard raging, it was postponed until Sunday and Monday: unveiled Sunday and introduced to the House Education Committee Monday.  The bill was approved by that committee by an 8-4 vote.  It now heads to the Appropriations Committee.


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