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Quick Hit: Corrupt Murtha Must Be Investigated

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I’ve done my fair share of railing against corrupt Cons, of which there was an abundance during the Bush years.  Unlike Cons however, I don’t reserve my criticism for only the opposing party’s members.  If someone is corrupt, they have no business being in a position of power.

Such is the condition of Rep. John Murtha.  Up to $250 million in federal funding from Murtha found its way to a Pennsylvania defense research center.  Additionally, Congressional Democrats are blocking ethics investigations into Murtha and this case.  Such a thing should never happen.  I was infuriated when the Cons blocked investigations into their members.  I am even more infuriated now that Democrats are doing it.  It’s unethical, disgusting and needs to change now.  The last thing I want to see is Democrats lose power because they’re as corrupt as the Cons are.

So I’m going on record as saying Rep. Murtha should be promptly investigated.  If he is as corrupt as some information makes him out to be, he should resign or be forced from office and prosecuted accordingly.  Similarly, any Democrats who are protecting him should be reprimanded for allowing corruption within their ranks.


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