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Sec. Salazar and ANWR Directional Drilling

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The good news: Interior Secretary Ken Salazar doesn’t see directional drilling as a viable technology to drill for oil under the Arctic National Wildlife Refuge.  He’s open to the idea if it can be shown to protect the environment.  Until then, the Obama administration will keep it off limits.

The bad news: Alaska Senator Lisa Murkowski (R) has introduced legislation that would allow companies access to oil beneath the Arctic refuge’s coastal plain through directional drilling from platforms outside the refuge itself.  I doubt it will go far in the Democratic-controlled Senate.  But Murkowski has to act in the interests of her constituency: the fossil fuel drilling industry.

I have a question for Sen. Murkowski: How about you propose Alaskans pay their fair share for what they use?  One of the biggest socialist programs is the one that allows Alaskans to take money from the rest of America.  Murkowski wants more drilling because that’s how Alaskans get their oversized checks, depleting the Treasury from funds that would otherwise go to projects in the backyards of people who paid the money.


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