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Corporate Media Gunning for Obama – No Surprise


Most progressives knew what an Obama Presidency would look like: just like the Clinton Presidency, the corporate media would constantly assault the President and his policies.  Such an exercise didn’t take place in the Bush presidency until he and his gang of thugs had effectively wrecked every aspect of the country and it was too late to actually do their jobs.  This time around?  No time like the present, apparently.

MSNBC has a post up from two washington post “reporters”, Michael D. Shear and Paul Kane.  Actually, the corporate media does have one theme they have effectively carried over into the new Presidency: they make stuff up out of whole cloth.  The article, AIG’s turmoil depletes Obama’s political captial is filled with plenty of b.s.  These intrepid washington post propagandists are hard at work pushing right-wing talking points about how Obama is somehow responsible for every piece of bad economic news we’ve seen in the past year (the parts Bill Clinton isn’t responsible for, of course).

President Obama’s apparent inability to block executive bonuses at insurance giant AIG has dealt a sharp blow to his young administration and is threatening to derail both public and congressional support for his ambitious political agenda.

There has been no sharp blow to the administration.  President Obama was not and is not responsible for the outrageous executive bonuses at AIG.  That can effectively be put at the feet of president Bush’s Treasury Secretary and the Federal Reserve last year.  They decided to conduct the biggest bank heist in American history by giving away billions of American taxpayer dollars to corporations that were irresponsibly gambling with mortgages and other financial instruments.  Bush’s gang engineered that giveaway – Obama and his people had nothing to do with it.

There is no threat to public or congressional support for his agenda.  Every poll conducted since November, when Obama won the 2008 Presidential race, has shown a clear difference in support for Obama’s policies and the Cons’ constant naysaying.  Over 60% of Americans support what Obama is doing and what his plans are – that hasn’t changed.  Around 30% of Americans support Cons’ obstructionism and negativism.  You can’t point to support for their policies because they don’t have any.  They aren’t offering alternative solutions.  They’re only saying that the Democrats’ solutions won’t work.  That’s why they lost so big in November’s elections.

Until those things change, there will be no threat to Obama’s agenda.  He was elected to make changes to every policy area.  So far, he’s succeeded.

But the washington post propagandists can’t say these things: their corporate overlords want a different message spread.  So they use language like “sharp blow”, “threatening”, “swamping efforts”, “blowback”, “struggled” and “grasped”.  Does anyone remember a washington post article using this kind of language with regard to Bush’s policies?  Of course they didn’t.  It didn’t fit into their pre-conceived agenda.  Where are the articles about how resolute and strong Obama is to standing by his principles?  They won’t be found at the washington post, that much is obvious.

The most surprising development in this story is that the Cons are trying to catch the populist wave sweeping the nation.  I guess some of them have realized they’re the responsible parties to this economic disaster.  They’re the ones who are struggling and grasping: for political viability.

The way this is being covered by the washington post is indicative of why the corporate media is failing: too many Americans realize that their reporting isn’t reflective of the reality they’re experiencing.  The same reality that is affecting their families and neighbors in the same way and the corporate media’s lies and propaganda becomes more ridiculous to watch by the day.

As much as I detest AIG handing out millions in bonuses to executives who ran their corporation into the ground with my tax dollars, I’m not aware of a viable solution to halt or reverse them.  Perhaps the strongest argument I’ve heard so far is this: the government controls a majority share of AIG.  The government needs to exercise the control over the corporation that comes as a privilege of that ownership.  At the least, these clowns should be immediately fired.  AIG’s pathetic excuse that it couldn’t maintain the “best” in the business won’t work.  These executives competed to see who could be the worst in the country – there is no place for them at AIG any longer.  This is especially true when their actions since mid-September 2008 is examined: all the lavish trips and spa treatments and bonuses are beyond insulting to the American people.  Not only should these clowns be fired, they should be prosecuted for defrauding taxpayers.  They need to either use those billions as they were intended – to insure securities – or they need to give them back and let the corporation finish failing.

I’m sick to death of the excessive corporate greed that has run this country for too long.  I’m nearly as sick of the joke of a media that refuses to cover the facts of this evolving disaster.  Both deserve what they get.


3 thoughts on “Corporate Media Gunning for Obama – No Surprise

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  2. Nice post! Keep it real.I have looked over your blog a few times and I love it.

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