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Quick Hits: Batteries, Sea-Level, Climate Change Poll

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Battery research is leading to exciting results.  Can lithium batteries recharge in seconds instead of hours?  That would change how we do a lot of things, wouldn’t it?

Two very related pieces of news that I picked up on today:

Scientists in Copenhagen this week publicly stated that 21st century sea-level rise will be in the neighborhood of a meter or more – not the few inches to a foot that was cited by the 2007 IPCC Report – if we do not change our GHG emission profile.

At the same time, an increasing number of Americans think the threat climate change poses is exaggerated.  This is, quite simply, astounding to me.  The number and intensity of climate change-driven changes around the world have been rising year after year.  But largely due to a multi-million dollar marketing campaign run by a small group of rich extremists, more Americans (mostly Con-servatives) than ever before think the world’s largest conspiracy is afoot.  Their outright rejection of science is stunning, considering the age we live in and considering the news item I just cited.


One thought on “Quick Hits: Batteries, Sea-Level, Climate Change Poll

  1. Agreed! I hang my head in shame at the gullibility of the American public. How easily manipulated these people are by party politics and the aggressive propoganda machines behind them. Not surprisingly, reponses broke down according to political orientation. Sixty-six percent of self-identified Republicans thought publicized warnings about climate change were exaggerated, as did 44 percent of independents and 22 percent of Democrats.

    Several years ago, when energy prices were spiking, big oil and gas were reaping record Wall Street profits on the back of America’s middle class, there were something like 245 ‘independent’ interest groups funded by the fossil fuel lobbies to help discredit the science behind global warming. Then, the shameful mercenaries at Fox News used these folks to provide counterpoints to the actual scientists discussing climate change trends. Further, the ‘sidebar’ stories Fox News presents to readers as Fox reports on global warming border on the ludicrous, further mocking any hardcore scientific analysis on the matter. Two posted as of March 2009 (as adjuncts to the poll story) included:
    1) European Farmers Protest Proposals to Tax Cow Flatulence 2) Burping Worms May Contribute to Climate Change. The Fox is indeed watching the henhouse, and he is funded by big oil.

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