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Quick Hits: Chuck Norris, Unemployment & Alabama Shooter

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Chuck Norris is a secessionist and quite possibly a terrorist. Why do right-wing extremists hate America so much?

I haven’t posted anything about the most recent unemployment numbers, but was reminded this morning why I need to.  The most cited figure from February was 8.1% – a 25-year high.  That sounds impressive and all, but as I’ve written about in the past, it doesn’t reflect the reality workers are facing.  The number was just tossed out on a CNN morning show where the speaker said, “At least 92% of us do have jobs – that’s good news!”  No, no it’s not.  That quote gets at the heart of why the oft-cited number should be different.  The real unemployment number went all the way up to 14.8% last month.  That means only ~85% of Americans that want a job actually have one.  The 8.1% number only counts people who are available for work and actively looked for a job in the prior four weeks.  If they still don’t have a job after four weeks, they’re still unemployed.  It’s disingenuous, at best, that the corporate media pushes the lower number down our collective throats every month.  It’s not a stretch to say they do it quite purposefully for this reason: outraged workers demand real changes; irriated workers don’t rock the boat.  When 1 out of 5 Americans are unemployed, will more of us figure that out?

The first question I had when I heard about the Alabama massacre this morning was what ethnicity was the man?  Recent mass killings have been perpetrated mainly by middle-aged white men, but I haven’t heard about that side of things from the corporate media.  I’ve only done a quick search on this situation and haven’t found an explicit answer.  That works out to be pretty definitive to me: if the shooter was non-white, you know that information would be found in the opening sentence, if not the headline.  I’ll keep watch and update or correct this hypothesis as more information (like a picture) becomes available.  [Update]: It’s as I suspected.  He wasn’t a minority.  What are we going to do about these psychopathic, mass-mudering white people with assault rifles?  Talk about a menace to society…


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