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Corporate Media Wants Dem Division to Distract from Con Division

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Or how to frame pork and hypocrisy.

Is the disintegration of the Cons on the top of headlines today at MSNBC?  Are there he-said/he-said stories of Rush Limbaugh’s ill-conceived coup to be head of the Cons?  No – the corporate media is actively searching for divisions withing the Democratic party while talking up Con unity.  That’s been the Beltway Common Wisdom for years – the Cons present a unified, principled stand to Democratic policies.  This continues despite the overwhelming mandate Democrats earned in Nov. 2008 as voters proved the Cons are a fringe, regional party only.

Near the top of MSNBC’s website this morning is this article: Dems face internal revolt over Obama agenda.  No they aren’t.  A couple of Democrats have offered resistence on tiny issues within the budget – but it isn’t really Obama’s agenda that’s being challenged here.  Democrats wisely let the FY2009 bills slide to this year to avoid wasting energy fighting Mr. 70% disapproval last year.  The bills were written last year by Congressional Democrats.  Sure, Obama was still a Senator then – but there are hundreds of other Democrats who put their own stamp on the bill.  As with any other group, there are bound to be a disagreement or two over what should receive funding and what shouldn’t.  But Democrats aren’t revolting over an Obama agenda.  That’s a pathetic canard put forth by the Washington Post.  They’re trying to push the meme that budget disagreements are providing a warning to Obama to scale back his agenda.  Pretty stupid – but that’s what I’ve come to expect from the Gatekeepers.

Within the article is an example of just how badly the corporate stenographers are relaying the issue:

[Sen. Harry] Reid had been focused on fending off a bloc of conservative Republicans who were seeking to eliminate more than 8,500 pet projects in the bill, many of them inserted by GOP lawmakers.

This paragraph also displays just how ineffectual Sen. Reid is as Majority Leader.  Why is he fending that bloc of Cons off when it’s the Cons who are inserting most of the pork that they then complain about?  It should be quite simple for Reid to point out the absurdity of the situation.  If the corporate media is so concerned about the pet projects (at the Cons’ behest and insistence), Reid could easily turn the situation back on the Cons.  If the Cons really want the pork removed, they need to control their own party members.  Cons concern trolling the Democrats’ activity in the face of their own hypocrisy is laughable.  Yet Reid lets the issue continue to unnecessarily grow.

It also gets back to the corporate media’s attempts to try to portray Democrats as divided and ineffectual, when it’s clear that the Cons are having larger and more numerous problems.  I don’t wonder why newspapers are failing.  The evidence is plain and highly visible.


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