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Sec. Salazar, Rep. Lamborn & Drilling

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Two stories caught my eye today in the Denver Post. johne wrote a little something up about the first one – Half of state’s drill rigs idled. The other one is right next to the CO rig article in the paper version of the paper today.

GOP Tries To Draw A Bead on Salazar“, or perhaps it should have been titled, “GOP Throws Another Dart At Wall In Search For Relevancy”. Having lost the White House last November in addition to being relegated to a smaller minority in Congress, the Cons are clearly desperate to bring any topic to the fore that has the least amount of traction in the public. Don’t tell them I said so, but I doubt it will be this topic.

One of our newest favorite Cons, Rep. Dougie Lamborn, along with some of his friends, have been trying to take Sec. of the Interior Ken Salazar to task over decisions surrounding drilling. In the first couple weeks in his new position, Sec. Salazar issued decisions to overturn some of the worst last-minute decisions the Bush “administration” put through. The overturned decisions include oil and gas leases in Utah, outer continental shelf leasing, and oil-shale development and leases in Colorado.

It turns out that Dougie & Co. don’t understand that winning elections has consequences. It also turns out they don’t understand how the executive branch works – at least not when one of their own isn’t in office. Take this silly quote as an example:

“I just don’t know who is in charge,” Lamborn said.

Lamborn is whining that Salazar might actually be operating under the direction of the President and not his own discretion. Oh noes!!! I seem to remember that Cabinet members serve at the pleasure of the President. That’s why Sen. Gregg made a fool of himself by accepting, then turning down the offer to be President Obama’s Commerce Secretary. He wasn’t going to be allowed to run it like the Con he is – Obama wanted his policies enacted. Funny how that works, eh?

President Obama clearly outlined his plans to move this country’s energy policy forward. He was overwhelmingly elected President to do so. If Lamborn doesn’t like it, maybe he and the rest of the Cons should come up with a better energy policy than “Drill, drill, drill”. It won’t solve our energy problems. The American electorate figured that out and voted accordingly.

If Lamborn, who I’m sure received plenty of fossil fuel campaign money, wants more drilling, he need only go to his corporate benefactors and demand they drill where they already hold leases. Opening up new lands to corporations that won’t drill isn’t in the public’s best interest.

The lease openings weren’t handled correctly or ethically by the Bush “administration”. Sec. Salazar hasn’t stamped them out, as Lamborn is trying to convince us. He is re-opening comment periods and allowing the appropriate agencies to examine the science involved to provide balanced opinions on where drilling should occur. Imagine that – a pro-science President and Cabinet. Will the horrors never cease, Dougie?

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