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Legislation from Rep. Claire Levy – 2/18/09

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Courtesy of an email I received, here are a few bills that Rep. Claire Levy is working on this Session:

HB1094 to require use of a hands-free device for talking on a cell phone while driving passed out of the Transportation & Energy Committee on a vote of 9 – 2.  The bill must be heard in the Appropriations Committee before being debated on the floor of the House.  I am encouraged by the support I have received from across Colorado.  Many people have written to me that they would like it to be stronger and eliminate all use of a cell phone, whether hands-free or not.  I have read the literature that supports a stronger bill but do not believe such a bill would pass.  Eliminating as much distracted driving as possible is a start.

HB 1093 to end the practice of WalMart and other large retailers of artificially increasing their business expenses by effectively paying rent to themselves and deducting that as a business expense passed the House and is in the Senate.  I sponsored a similar bill last year, which the Governor vetoed.  I have worked out the issues with the bill and got it out of the House with only token opposition.

SB 51 allows a third party installer to own the renewable energy equipment installed on residential property and sell the power to the consumer without being considered to be a utility. This will enable the installer to finance the renewable energy equipment on behalf of the consumer by being paid back in the form of payment for the energy generated by the equipment. The bill also facilitates financing of larger systems owned by the consumer.  SB 51 survived its first hearing in committee.

I think HB1094 is a good idea.  I wish current distracted driving offenses currently on the books were enforced better, however.  We all see drivers doing something in addition to or instead of driving their vehicles.  Having another law on the books that won’t get enforced doesn’t help anybody.

I absolutely like HB1093.  Loopholes like this should be researched and shut down.  Let the largest corporations pay their fair share of use of the commons.  They get too many breaks as it is.

I hadn’t heard of anything like SB51 yet.  At first glance, I think it’s a good idea.  It sounds like another way to chip away at the expense of installing renewable energy infrastructure where the energy is being used.


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