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Sec. Chu & Obama Administration Recognize Climate Change’s Danger

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Dr. Steven Chu was chosen by President Barack Obama to be his Secretary of Energy.  Sec. Chu has a PhD in Physics, which means he’s a scientist.  That kind of statement needs to be made after the treatment science and scientists received under the Bush “administration”.  Sec. Chu is immensely qualified to hold his post, something that hardly ever happened in the last 8 years.

That was on display in a Los Angeles Times piece I stumbled across.  Under current trends, Sen. Chu warned that California farms are under threat by climate change.  One way to look at that scenario is this: $2.5 Trillion worth of real estate assets are threatened.  Think the U.S. economy is struggling now?  Wait until multiple trillions of dollars worth of real estate is impacted by a new climate regime that we’re forcing the planet into.  Because California won’t be alone.  Not only coastal areas are at risk.  The interior of the U.S. is edging towards desertification by the end of the century.  How will Americans react to widespread Dust Bowl-era desertification that will last for centuries?

So far, they haven’t reacted.  Because the Bush “administration” and the corporations pulling his strings spent the past eight years convincing their Con base that there is no threat.  They were very effective in doing so, unfortunately.  Things break down like this: every day we don’t act adds untold amounts of money that societies across the globe will be forced to spend in reaction to the changes in climate.  This situation demands large-scale, aggressive action today.  We’ve literally run out of time.  Our greenhouse gas emissions must be drastically reduced in a very short time frame or the next generation will inhabit a planet we wouldn’t recognize.  The technology exists today to do just that.  Up until this year, we didn’t have elected officials who understood that and were willing to act on it.  I know Sec. Chu and President Obama recognize the threat.  The only question remaining is are they willing to do the hard work that needs to be done to confront the threat.


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