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Candidate For Worst Editorial Ever

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As “President” Bush is winding down his tenure as “leader” of the country, there remain elements in the corporate media that just can’t stop themselves from one last stroke.  There was a piece in the Denver Post today that could very well qualify as Exhibit #1 for most ridiculous, syncophantic editorial of the past 8 years.  I know, I know – that’s heady company.  Read on and decide for yourself.

It is entitled, “With One Move, Bush An Environmental Champion”.

Blink.  Blink.  Whatever else is in the editorial really doesn’t matter.  The mere thought that Bush could come close to being identified as a champion for the environment is beyond reality.  That characterization couldn’t be less correct.  A grand piece of irony exists in the editorial.  The last two lines read:

We’re glad to see the president making an effort to save what are unique and fragile parts of the ocean ecosystem.

It’s just too bad he didn’t see fit to extend that laudable sentiment to more policy areas during his eight years in office.

So somehow, Bush’s last minute action to provide “protections” (which can be circumvented, by the way) to some oceanic regions render him an environmental champion.  But it’s too bad similar things didn’t happen for eight years.  Oh well, too bad.

Yes, it is too bad.  It’s darn near criminal what Bush has not done for the environment in eight years.  A last minute designation in no way earns him any credibility on the environmental front in my eyes (or many others’).  I need only provide one example to completely prove my point: what has Bush done on the climate change issue?  Nothing positive.  Case closed.  Tuesday is looking to be a marvelous day for this country and this planet.


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